December 2015 update

We wish you all a beautiful advent time. The big news right now is that Maria Hansar, a long time friend, is joining MTÜ Teel and we already have lots of new ideas and possible developments. For the kids of MTÜ Teel, the winter time started with a really nice party at Piip ja Tuut Mängimaja. Kai Liiva and Oksana Tolmatshova read to them, then they could play for a while in this super nice café with climbing and sliding and hiding places. We are very grateful to Piip ja Tuut personal who hosted us generously, prepared everything and welcomed us that evening, to Oksana Tolmatshova who spontaneously came to help out with the reading and to Anne Pertel who brought the food, drove some kids and took care of the logistics.

The swimming lessons are a big success, thanks to Merli and Annika -director and trainer from Orca Club at Kalev Spa- Maria, Eduar, Oleg, Tauri, Alex and Edvard are super happy and continue attending on fridays.

The free shop at Neeme 22 is closed, but Minna Hint is going on with Killu Sukmit at Polymeer “Kraam” every saturday from 2 till 6pm.

We would like to thank again all our donors and this month especially Aare who started supporting regularly a few months ago. And still and of course any additional help and collaboration are welcome! Write to us at